High-Tech Dormitory @ Sunview

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Scope of Works
Supply & Installation of Structured Cabling System, Security System and Turnstile with Thermal scanner

• Wireless Access Point (WAP) System
• Card & Biometric Access Control System
• Surveillance Cameras
• Data Point & Fibre Backbone for In-Building Connections
• Turnstile with Thermal Scanner in compliance with COVID regulations
• Maintenance Works

Project Highlights
When local COVID-19 cases surged in various dormitory rooms in Singapore, a lockdown was implemented, causing dorm residents to lose their freedom. Yi-Ke Innovations designed and deployed the first high-end dormitory in Singapore with lofty standards. We deployed a full surveillance system to monitor 24/7 activity in the perimeter and all common corridors and office areas.

Moreover, Yi-Ke Innovations installed an access control system in residents and offices to avoid unnecessarily contact with one another. We also installed Turnstile access integrated with facial thermal scanners to detect and prevent symptomatic personnel from accessing or leaving the dormitory.

Meanwhile, residents can now enjoy 24/7 Wi-Fi access through our system and equipment racks equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to support any outages. At the same time, we supplied maintenance service level agreements to keep the systems in check to ensure the safety and well-being of the dormitory residents and staff.


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