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May 21, 2020 | - |

Now that the Circuit Breaker is almost over its time to prepare and make sure we keep our staff and visitors protected in a very accurate and fast way. Introducing SenseThunder-E Mini. It is an AI-Enabled All-in-One Thermal Detection Terminal that uses facial-recognition and smart thermal camera to give accurate and fast reading in long range. With the speed of almost half-a-second, it can detect the person’s temperature and this is because, unlike others, it uses 10,000 + temperature points. It also recognizes facial mask and can put on alarm mode if the person is not wearing one.

It does not just detect your temperature but also keeps the record of staff/visitors’ information and logs. This is with the help of Cloud Management Account. It automatically uploads the information to the cloud thru WiFi so it assists every business to keep tabs on the attendance.

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