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Data Center Infrastructure
  • Expert designer and implementer for complex structured cabling system for datacentre
  • Proven supplier of high quality air-tight server and network racks with smart PDU for datacentre
  • Designer and implementer of innovative security caging Solution for datacenter
  • Designer and implementer of state of the art hot/cold aisle containment systems
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Integrated Physical Security System
  • Turnkey IT physical security impmenter for critical infrastructure
  • Designer and implementer for datacentre rack access control systems with audit trial
  • Designer and implementer if integrated security management systems (ISMS) with advanced biometrics sensors and AI video analytics
  • Designer and implementer for state the art kiosk registration systems Facility Management Software
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Facility Management Software
  • Implementer of Datacenter Infrastructure management software (DCIM) for datacenters
  • Implementer of 3D Datacenter and Critical infrastructure Management (DCFM) software
  • Implementer of Electronic Visitor Management System (EVMS)
  • Futuristic fire and command and security operation monitoring and control software for datacenters
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IT Services
  • IT and datacentre migration and relocation service 
  • Term contract with full SLA and facility management outsourcing 
  • Consultancy services for IT Physical Security and structured cabling systems
  • IT equipment degauss and disposal service 
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